Kitchen & Duct Cleaning

Regular kitchen deep cleaning ensures a positive kitchen atmosphere as well as dealing with invisible hygiene problems.

Kitchen Deep cleaning tackles all those out of sight areas and hard to reach areas including:

  • Underneath and behind cookers and fridges
  • Around the feet of prep surfaces
  • Seals of fridges
  • High shelves
  • Between walls and prep surfaces
  • Between units and equipment
  • Inaccessible parts of ranges, grills, fryers and other equipment.

The build-up of dirt and grease in these inaccessible areas can still pose a significant health risk which regular deep cleaning can help eliminate. Helping ensure that you comply with the Health and safety at work regulations 1974

We can provide either one-off deep cleans or regular, scheduled Deep Kitchen Cleaning which helps to ensure that you can maintain consistent results and a regularly deep cleaned kitchen is much easier to keep clean ongoing